Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy-HIEDESIGN’s responsibilities

For the information collected or generated as user privacy policy,  which user provided to us, we will only provide it to relevant departments according to our company’s operation regulations.All data will be strictly controlled and manged, and will not be stolen, leaked or used in violation of this policy by any other person.

We would explain the data processing process, provide our process transparency to users, let them know what kind of data we collect.

How we process the data? Including that access rights  from third parties which have to use the data and its purposes.

Never sell data provided and generated by users to obtain financial benefits or competitive advantages.

We do not produce and don’t accept electronic products such as various weapons and equipment, military equipment ITAR/EAR controlled.

“International Traffic in Arms Regulations” which govern the export of weapons and weapons-related technology from the United States.Please indicate whether your board design data is ITAR-controlled or not.

Conflict-free Minerals Statements

Conflict Metal means metals of gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W), cobalt(Co), tin (Sn) and so on.

They are derived or sourced from mines in conflict areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), or illegally taxed on trade routes.

Either of which are controlled by non-governmental military groups, or unlawful military factions.

HIEDESIGN.COM banned to use conflict metals and expects our suppliers to comply with the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) Code of Conduct.

We are only sourcing materials from environmentally.

Socially HIEDESIGN would require all suppliers purchase and use conflict-free metals, and priority source from smelters listed in EICC-GeSI Conflict-Free Smelter(CFS).

Therefore we will commit to the sourcing of “Conflict Free Minerals” through our suppliers to comply with the regulations with Conflict minerals.


Data  Collecting Privacy Policy

If you sign up for an account at, we can access your email address and any other contact information you choose to provide us.

If you place an order, we keep a record of the order content, delivery and shipping address, invoice information, as well as any communication you may have with our Supporting or engineering teams regarding the orders.

If you visit, whether you log in or not, we will know that the user with your IP address and all visiting info which has visited the page on the website in a limited time.

We shall collect data on the products and any info you browsed in order to provide you with better value through personalized email and check which products /informations are most useful to you.

Data Sending

We shall send email to users when you provide RFQs, or any query, or placing an order, delivery requirement, shipping requirement, or preparing for any others.

We shall also contact you as requires payment before shipment, or if other issues to delay for fulfilling the order.

If we believe that a user’s privacy has been compromised, we will notify the user if we have the right to do so.

For example, if we found that a user’s account user login information has been made public elsewhere on the web, or we are forced to disclose information to law enforcement.

We may occasionally send you an email where you have not requested or triggered any type of action to promote a certain aspect of our website, products or services.

Website Logging

In order to understand the traffic of and diagnose technical problems, we record each web request.

These logs include request times, individual IP addresses, references, and user agent strings. We may keep these logs for up to 60 days, although personally identifiable information will become obscured after one week.

To prevent fraud and detect malicious behavior, we record IP addresses for specific operations, such as creating customer accounts and placing orders.

This information will be automatically deleted after 60 days.

Except for malicious traffic, we do not share log data with any third party unless compelled by legal process.

Logging Cookies

We use cookies to know when users are logged in to PCBAE services, and to track preferences such as display currencies and the rendering of product menus.

Shipping and Freight forwarding Delivery

We offer delivery and shipping through third parties such as DHL, UPSFedExTNT, and the United States Postal, or other company Shipping Service.

Your address and other info would be forwarded to these shipping and delivery companies,  including phone numbers, and invoice info to get best off from them.

Payment Providers

Three are some ways for payment of your products and services from HIEDESIGN,  are processed through T/T. In general, clients need to provide their some payment info.

Regarding to the transaction,  there are some items would be used by HIEDESIGN as the transaction amount, the client’s name, clent’s bank info, transaction info , client’s address and phone numbers, and so one.

All of these items would be used by HIEDESIGN and relevant national government processes, including banks.

Suggestions of Privacy Policy

Please give us suggestions as you have idea about our privacy policy, please send email to us: Or fill our Contact Form 7


Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy HIEDESIGN