applications such as the Internet of vehicles, smart medical, smart home and so on will produce connections, far exceeding the communication needs between people.

NB IOT has four features:

One is wide coverage, which will provide improved indoor coverage. In the same frequency band, Nb IOT has a gain of 20dB compared with the existing network, which is equivalent to improving the coverage area by 100 times.

Second, it has the ability to support connections. A sector of Nb IOT can support 100000 connections, and it supports low latency sensitivity, ultra-low equipment cost, low equipment power consumption and optimized network architecture.

The third is lower power consumption, the standby time of Nb IOT terminal module can be up to 10 years; the fourth is lower module cost, and the enterprise expects that the single connected module will not exceed $5.

Fourthly, Nb IOT focuses on the low power consumption and wide coverage (lpwa) Internet of things (IOT) market, which is a new technology that can be widely used in the world. It has the characteristics of wide coverage, multiple connections, low speed, low cost, low power consumption and excellent architecture. NB IOT uses license band, which can be deployed in band, protection band or independent carrier, coexisting with the existing network.

Because of its advantages of low power consumption, wide coverage, low cost and large capacity, Nb IOT can be widely used in a variety of vertical industries, such as remote meter reading, asset tracking, intelligent parking, intelligent agriculture, fire protection, municipal facilities, etc.