IP Camera

IP Camera has functions based on traditional camera with all image capture, it had been built-in digital controller and compression technology with WEB system, the video data compressed was encrypted via LAN or wireless network, Internet.

Files can be sent to the user terminal. IP Camera can directly access the digital network TCP/IP, so the main function of this system is for network, the transmission of audio and video is through the Internet or intranet.

There are two-way voice, WIFI, 32G, SD, etc. In addition, it had head lamp, alarm input and output interface, support UPNP, motion detection, alarm message etc.

1.External audio acquisition device, with two-way voice (such as a microphone or microphone), voice capture, remote monitoring and on-site sound, it can also be connected with external speakers, remote transmission of voice to the scene, it can achieve two-way intercom function.

2 The WIFI supports the 802.11b/g protocol, in addition, the built-in WiFi module, you can have flexible wireless monitoring environment.

3. You can visit all video and audio files with general intelligent mobile phone through the browser directly.

4. You can turn the angle to adjust control scope.

5. The infrared light can be used for night or no light place.

6.The alarm can be initiated with command you have, keep the scene alarm record, external alarm notification can also be informed from messages.

7. The mobile detecting and monitoring functions can be conducted in the range of moving objects, and it is automatically recording, and alarming.