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Industry Design

Industry Design as an import market, combining with the advanced design idea, accurate target market positioning, rich design experience, with the actual situation of domestic and international production and processing technologies, provide enterprises with complete product design solutions and implementation of security.

We have perfect processing and production factories, as backing.Committed to provide enterprises with product design research, product design planning, product concept definition, the structure of the product appearance design, product and process design, product packaging and brochure design, product interface and function design, prototype production model, mold machining, mass production and the product assembly.To provide faster, ease of one-stop design service.

Design coverage:

Communication, electronics, medical, industrial equipment, instruments and meters, tools, home appliances, military industry, public facilities and other industries and fields.In cooperation with many well-known enterprises and design the success of the organization, perfecting the more conform to the international operation of organizational structure and management mode.Mastered a large number of internationalization and localization design resources, make our design team has the best balance, for different market background of the customers with the optimization of product design service.Efforts by design originality, combine culture, science and technology, creative.

We direct our customer’s product concept and requirements concept to our European design company to design and provide first-class international design concept. Is the traditional concept of creative treason is the philosophy of the break the normal procedure, is the cycle of creation and destruction, thinking of the collision, wisdom is docking, novel and creative ideas.

Creativity is a breakthrough in product appearance, marketing model, market mechanism, function and other aspects.

Creativity is the result of comprehensive application of logical thinking, image thinking, reverse thinking, divergent thinking, systematic thinking, fuzzy thinking and intuition, inspiration and other cognitive methods. Pay attention to intuition and inspiration. Many ideas come from intuition and inspiration.

Originality (Creativity)

Creativity is mysterious. From ancient to modern times, scholars have different understanding of the creative, defined are different, Robert J.Sternberg believes that creativity is the ability to produce works, these works not only novel (that is, the originality is not to be expected), and appropriate (that is consistent with the purposes for goal given limit). Architectural scholar Cudici (John Kordich) said: “creativity is a struggle to seek and liberate our inner.”. “Creativity is the process of seeing new possibilities and combining those possibilities into a work,” Mr. Lai Sheng Chuan said.” These definitions illustrate that creativity consists of two main aspects: “concept”, “facing” and “executing”, “seeking” and “liberation”, and explaining the creative work of the two aspects at a deeper level. Mr Lai Sheng Chuan called these two parts the two mysteries of creativity, independent and interrelated, in two steps – the emergence of desire and the way to express it.

Product originality (Product, Creativity)

Product creativity refers to anything that can be supplied to the market, used and consumed by the people, and can meet a particular need of the people, including tangible goods, intangible services, organizations, ideas, or combinations of them. Products can generally be divided into three levels, namely, core products, forms, products, extended products. The core product refers to the overall product available to buyers directly benefit and utility; form product refers to the product on the market of physical appearance, including product quality, features, style, trademarks and packaging products; extension refers to the overall product to provide a series of additional benefits to customers, including transportation, installation and maintenance to ensure to consumers in the field of consumption benefits.

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